Known for bringing friends and family together and its commitment to the community, Huddle House locations are showing support for those who have and continue to protect our country by serving in the armed forces. Huddle House is offering a free MVP Breakfast Platter. The meal is available to all active military members and veterans with proper I.D. on Veterans Day, November 11.

This meal is a Huddle House favorite with its 45 customizable platter combinations with delectable items including eggs, bacon, hash browns, grits, a waffle and an old-fashion buttermilk pancake as the starting points for a great breakfast.

To show gratitude and appreciation for members of our nation’s armed services, many of whom have put their lives on the line to protect our country, Huddle House believes that the MVP Platter, truly the “Most Valuable Platter” is a nice way to share a token of that appreciation and to thank them for their service.

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