It will be something old and something new at Huddle House beginning with the launch of a Limited Time Offer that includes the return of three past favorites with Prime Rib Tips and the introduction of four new meals featuring Stuffed Hash Browns.

Returning to the menu through mid-January of 2016 will be the Prime Rib Tips Omelet, Prime Rib Tips Sandwich, and Prime Rib Tips dinner all showcasing tender, juicy tips at prices ranging from $7.69-$8.99.

"Our customers asked for them and we are happy to grant their wish," says Alison Delaney, chief marketing officer. "Prime Rib Tips immediately become one of our most popular items whenever we add them to the menu, and we look forward to satisfying that craving once again."

In addition, Huddle House is introducing four new varieties of Stuffed Hash Browns—the Smoked Sausage Meal, Prime Rib Tips Meal, Country Fried Steak Mea,l and a Bacon, Sausage, and Sausage Gravy Meal in prices ranging from $6.49 to $7.99. The four items will also be available for a limited time only.

"When we changed our menu in July we added two varieties of Stuffed Hash Browns on a permanent basis," Delaney says. "This gives us a chance to add four more options during the promotional period."

In addition to the Prime Rib Tips and the Stuffed Hash Browns meals, Huddle House is also featuring the Huddle Up Sampler appetizer featuring a combination of Fried Pickles, Jalapeno Poppers, and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks on a bed of fries.

The featured dessert during the promotional period, just in time for the holidays, will be Pecan Pie.

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