As a response to the current hardship faced by the restaurant industry Hubworks, powered by Altametrics, is now offering their HACCP compliance software, Zip HACCP, free to all restaurants for life.

This decision came as a result of Altametrics seeking a way to give back to the community that supports the company. As restaurants continue to find innovative new ways to adapt to the pandemic-induced disruptions to the economy, Hubworks seeks to deliver a practical solution to help restaurants ensure they are meeting food safety and cleanliness regulations.

Though the program’s primary purpose is to ensure restaurants are HACCP compliant, restaurateurs will find that the application is full of valuable information.

Zip HACCP allows managers to assign tasks to individual employees, create checklists with assigned deadlines, enable employees to reference training documents from a cloud-based library, and enables managers to receive notifications if a job is left incomplete. The application also allows managers to require photographic evidence that an employee has completed a task, and because it’s a cloud-based program, updates are in real-time. Zip HACCP empowers managers to make informed business decisions by allowing them to track trends in the restaurants with trend reports so they can pin-point critical areas that need more attention.

Altametrics’ primary focus is to contribute to the restaurant community by empowering their operations so they can thrive beyond the current circumstances. Altametrics’ CEO and employees are committed to helping those who provide service to others by offering advanced back-office software solutions. Any interested restaurants should contact the sales team at or 1-800-676-1281.

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