Houlihan’s is gifting the opportunity to receive 29 days of free Houlihan’s entrées to approximately 205,000 U.S. citizens on February 29. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that figure is the amount of leaplings—those with a Leap Day birthday—living in the U.S.

Leapling guests dining at any of Houlihan’s 72 locations across the nation on February 29 will receive a free entrée with photo identification. Each will also receive 28 additional free entrées to redeem on a return visit at any Houlihan’s in the next month.

Leap Day guests will have no problem diversifying their 29 free entrées, as Houlihan’s offers more than 30 entrées on its dinner menu, including three dishes on its newly launched #Inspiralized menu, created by nationally recognized blogger, The New York Times best-selling cookbook author, and Inspiralizer inventor, Ali Maffucci.

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