HotSchedules, Now Powered by Fourth, a leading provider of end-to-end, best-in-class technology and services for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced the limited availability release of its Health Survey in-app tool designed to help operators prevent the spread of coronavirus, among other illnesses. The survey will prompt employees to answer a series of questions on the HotSchedules app regarding their health in advance of showing up for their shift, providing an accessible and consistent system for operators to determine if an employee is healthy enough to interact with guests and other employees before coming into the location.

As businesses began to consider how to reopen across the nation, HotSchedules saw the need to create the Health Survey as a solution that would prioritize the wellbeing of employees and guests while protecting companies from temporary closures. Upon opening the app, employees will be prompted to answer a series of health screening questions in accordance with CDC guidelines. A staff list will then be generated showing employees who are and are not eligible to work that day, along with the names of employees that have not completed the survey. The app will also provide guidance to help managers identify other staff members available to pick-up shifts of ill co-workers.

“With restaurants beginning to reopen in accordance with state regulations, we developed the Health Survey to provide operators with the most efficient tool to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for both employees and guests,” says Clinton Anderson, CEO of HotSchedules. “We understand the strain these businesses have undergone as a result of having to shutdown dine-in services for months, and want to provide all the support we can to our partners to ensure they can reopen their businesses in a way that is safe and responsible, while also boosting consumer confidence.”

For a seamless experience, employees will be prompted to take the survey whether they log in via the web or using the mobile app. HotSchedules will send alerts to employees reminding them to complete the survey before each shift. The new Health Survey will offer secure and confidential storage of survey data and is available at no additional cost to existing HotSchedules customers.

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