HOSPECO, has partnered with Acute Care Pharmaceuticals and its Pharma-Choice Brand, a leading supplier of compliant, disposable medical products used in compounding pharmacies and other cleanroom environments. The acquisition, effective immediately, will offer HOSPECO customers a broader, more complete bundle of products while introducing Acute Care’s widely respected, high-quality products to a broader customer base.

Acute Care’s unique dedication to USP 797 compliance, coupled with its decades-long commitment to partner with hospital pharmacies, makes it a market leader. The company’s various sterile, disposable products are mandated for use in cleanroom environments. All products are compliant with strict regulatory guidelines; products undergo testing and audits to ensure compliance. As such, Acute Care enjoys strong penetration at hospital compounding pharmacies.

Recently, a new, complementary standard was issued. This new standard, USP 800, ensures the safety of the employees preparing compound drugs beyond the cleanroom. In essence, it reaches where USP 797 does not. It is through this new regulation that HOSPECO’s existing product mix can mesh with Acute Care’s respected line to create a full-service, one-stop solution for medical facilities of all types.

In addition, as part of the HOSPECO brand family, there are opportunities for Acute Care and its respected Pharma-Choice brand to penetrate many other cleanroom environments where HOSPECO has strong relationships, including independent (non-hospital) pharmacies, labs, veterinary pharmacies, nursing homes, and more. HOSPECO can also introduce Acute Care’s products to non-healthcare cleanroom facilities such as aerospace manufacturing, food processing, and medical device manufacturing.

Because of Acute Care and Pharma-Choice’s standing in the market and continued growth, the company will continue to be led by CEO Tom McGowan and VP of Sales, Brian Martin.  In the new partnership, few changes are expected at Acute Care excepting product line expansion, and additional investment in Acute Care product personnel and capabilities. The new product mix allows immediate and continued leadership as the market prepares for adoption of the new USP 800 regulations scheduled to come out later in the year. 

“Acute Care and Pharma-Choice are names that have been in the market for nearly two decades, with a sterling reputation among their customers for doing things the right way and delivering on their promises,” says Bill Hemann, HOSPECO vice president of sales and marketing. “As HOSPECO celebrates 100 years in 2019, I can think of no better way to kick off our celebration than by welcoming such a valued company to our family.”

“Acute Care and Pharma-Choice mean much more than products. Our people and their expertise are what are most important to our customers,” Thomas McGowan, CEO of Acute Care, says. “The knowledgeable sales force is relied on for constant education about the evolving regulatory environment. They are the bridge to our customers and they are all staying in place.”

Importantly, McGowan is also excited to introduce Acute Care’s new hospital grade cleaner, which is pending EPA approval. The product, in development for years, represents a superior product solution, to be used in multiple applications throughout all industries.

Acute Care will continue to operate in its current format for the foreseeable future in order to continue to serve its current customer base. The Pharma-Choice product line will be integrated to the HOSPECO bundle of products to be made available to HOSPECO’s distributor customers. HOSPECO continues to look for other companies that add complementary product categories and innovative solutions for its distributors.

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