Hopify, an application connecting the beer world, announces its launch and signing of a variety of locations.

Hopify allows customers to search for a specific beer by location. It allows up to the second accurate beer lists for restaurants, stores and breweries. Hopify shows what beers are trending at a specific location as well. Fate Brewing, Boulder Beer, Sanitas Brewing, West Flanders, and West End Tavern are currently using the application.

“We built Hopify to connect customers with breweries who are making the incredible beer people are discovering. Our application accomplishes that by bringing restaurants and stores into the mix – the places where beer exploration most often takes place. In doing so we help consumers answer a couple basic questions. Where should I go? What do they have? What’s good? Where can I purchase this beer? Most importantly, who made this beer and what’s the story?” says CEO and founder, Jacob Timm. “Some beer apps have social networking components or give you info about beer that could be available. They are fun to use and can be entertaining. The goal of Hopify is to tell you what IS available at that moment and be a true utility, connecting people who are exploring with people who are making and selling beer. As a result, we don’t have every location in the app, but the locations that are there are providing accurate and useable information.”

Hopify accomplishes this goal by giving locations direct access to managing the content visible on the mobile app. The ability to communicate with customers nearby is a win for both sides.

"Yelp helps consumers figure out where to go with reviews and basic info on locations nearby,” Timm says. “Hopify does it by connecting consumers to locations nearby – through the beer they love.”

Locations work hard to bring in a beer selection that will attract customers. Paper menus are often printed every day at restaurants, however are not always accurate. Hopify gives locations the ability to update their menu instantly, promote their beer selection and engage with their customers before and after they arrive.

“We built it to be simple and powerful for locations — the breweries, stores and restaurants. With Hopify, they have a tool to engage consumers with their beer list in real-time,” Timm says. “Things change fast and the printed menu doesn't always keep up. There are so many ways of getting accurate real-time information; consumers have come to expect it everywhere. Hopify is a tool that delivers that for the beer world.”


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