Three years ago, Hoosier Momma was a new company arriving at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans with a simple question…Why Not Mixers?  The industry had evolved over the past decade, as evidenced by the growth of premium spirits and craft beer, as well as the art of mixology.  Hoosier Momma had just launched its’ Hoosier Momma Original Bloody Mary Maker in response to a growing consumer demand for quality in their mixers. Hoosier Momma’s philosophy is to offer premium products featuring high-quality, naturally sourced ingredients with low sodium and no high-fructose corn syrup. Hoosier Momma Culinary Cocktails brought a craft approach to the mixer market with their Bloody Mary Mix.

 Now in its third year as the sponsor of the “Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail’s Sunday Brunch,” along with Tito’s Vodka and Rouses Supermarket, the 2010 event was the start of an upward trajectory for Hoosier Momma.  And in the toughest and most appreciative crowd, garnered high praise. No less than Paul Tunnerman, a.k.a. “Mr Cocktail,” Cofounder of Tales of the Cocktail says: “Hoosier Momma – How my Bloody Mary Mix would taste if I had the time and knowledge to make it myself! Just buy the damn stuff; have I ever steered you wrong?”

From its’ farmers market beginnings in May, 2010 to eight state distribution and national distribution though KeHE and DPI grocery distributors, Hoosier Momma has garnered national attention for its culinary approach to cocktail mixes. In addition, Hoosier Momma has been served at the past two Super Bowls and Indianapolis 500, is the “Official Cocktail of the Kentucky Derby Festival” and is a Proud Partner of the Indianapolis Colts.

 “We saw that consumers were paying for premium spirits, then buying the cheapest national mix available,” says Hoosier Momma principal KC Cranfill. “Our philosophy was to give them a premium mix utilizing the finest ingredients to compliment their high-priced spirits.”

This approach has not gone unnoticed. Praise from national media such as the Los Angeles Times,, Tasting Panel, Imbibe, Midwest Living, American Express OPEN Forum, Foodista and Food Network’s Ted Allen has elevated this 100 percent woman-owned business into the conversation of the evolution of craft cocktails.

 Since the initial visit to Tales of the Cocktail three years ago, Hoosier Momma has added a Spicy Bloody Mary Maker as well as a Key Lime Margarita Maker, keeping its’ promise of premium products that are vegan, gluten-free with no high fructose corn syrup.

“10 years ago, asking the average consumer to pay up to $10 for a 6-pack of beer or $40 for a bottle of vodka was unheard of,” says Hoosier Momma principal Erin Edds. “Now the same consumers are demanding quality and are willing to pay the price. We believe Hoosier Momma is setting the trend for high-quality mixers.”


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