How do you make Homer Laughlin’s lightest-ever yet durable dinnerware even better? In response to high demand, HLC is offering Gala, the lightest ware it has ever created, in seven new pattern options on a dazzling white background, sure to please in any upscale, white-tablecloth, or banquet setting.

Furthering the trend toward metallics, Mia Gold and Mia Platinum have a single elegant metallic band around the outer rim. Ella Gold and Ella Platinum start with that outer band and add a second metallic band around the well. Filling a need for intricate rim work are English Ivy Grey, which accents the rim with a delicate vine and leaf design, and Gossamer Gray and Gossamer Pink, featuring an intricate lacework design in a broad band around the entire rim.

Gala’s sleek design, new shape, and strong, alumina-infused Ameriwhite body already provide a stunning backdrop for meals and celebrations while offering enhanced chip resistance and heat retention. These new patterns create additional options for formal or high-end table settings.

The discreet cord edge at the top of the rim brings unique design flair—but is also a source of added strength exactly where it’s needed most. (In the fast-paced foodservice environment, virtually all chipping occurs due to edge-to-edge contact, where the plate has the least amount of surface area and protection.) Gala’s cord edge increases impact resistance to solve the problem without adding significant weight. Its rim is also artfully concave and at a higher angle for added strength and light reflection.

Each of the new patterns is specifically designed to enhance these design aspects. Gala already features subtle curves and angles to play with light, and now, chefs and restaurateurs can select the perfect pattern to “bring some bling” to their décor or present tables with a timeless ambiance.

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