Homer Laughlin announced its lightest-ever dinnerware—Gala. Gala is the ultimate accompaniment for high-end restaurants, other white-tablecloth environments, all catering and banquet operations, and any other dining occasion.

Elegant and refined, Gala is ultra lightweight for maximum ease of use, durable for maximum wear life, and loaded with subtle angles to play with light. It’s also made in the U.S.A.—a claim no other large dinnerware provider can offer. The sleek design, brand-new shape, and strong, alumina-infused Ameriwhite body provide a stunning backdrop for meals and celebrations while enhancing chip resistance and heat retention.

Homer Laughlin made Gala its marquee new product introduction at this year’s NAFEM Show in Orlando.

Just how light is Gala? The 10-3/8” plate comes in at a slight 23.9 ounces. Gala is not just the lightest choice—it’s also covered by Homer Laughlin’s famous lifetime limited warranty against chipping under normal usage conditions.

“We developed Gala to be the ultimate in banquet ware,” says Christopher Park, dinnerware designer. “Lightweight for easier carrying, while retaining the famous Homer Laughlin strength. In the dinnerware realm, light often equals weak and strong is synonymous with bulky. Gala offers the best of both worlds for high-volume environments where speed of service and quality of presentation are equally important.”

The discreet cord edge of Gala brings unique design flair—but is also a source of added strength exactly where it’s needed most. In the fast-paced foodservice environment, virtually all chipping occurs due to edge-to-edge contact—where the plate has the least amount of surface area and protection. The cord edge resolves the problem without adding significant weight. Gala’s rim is also artfully concave and at a higher angle for added strength and light reflection.

Two plate styles are available. Wide rim frames food and maximizes the appearance of portion sizes.

Mid rim offers up to 50 percent more plating space.

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