Who says every blank canvas has to be white? Homer Laughlin introduces its new Quarry dinnerware line, created especially to serve as a dramatic backdrop for chefs’ creations when plain white isn’t on the menu. Quarry won’t compete with food, but won’t fade into the background, either.

Like gently buffed stone, the satiny finish of Quarry becomes a quiet surface on which chefs can plate their artistic concepts. The finish was specifically designed to complement—but never overshadow—the rich colors and textures of perfectly prepared foods. Against Quarry’s muted satin finish, glistening sauces and appetizing glazes stand in beautiful contrast—so your signature dishes will draw the diner’s eye and whet the appetite.

Quarry’s hidden depths reveal subtly melded hues of gray, dusky olive, and blue, depending on the lighting. An understatedly neutral yet bold choice, Quarry lets the food shine.

“We made Quarry for chefs who wanted a neutral color palette that wouldn’t clash with or compete with different types of cuisine and were looking for something with more presence than white,” says Katie Bricker, foodservice and general marketing manager for HLC. “Up close, the finish is nuanced and variegated, which helps plating really come alive. We’re eager to see how chefs use it.”

Quarry invites patrons into the dining experience, invoking texture and complexity but offering a silky surface against flatware. Its elegant curves and deep wells enhance and present food in its best light. Quarry tempts chefs and restaurateurs to dig deep and exercise their creativity with new dinnerware that can handle their boldest ideas.

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