Last year, the Homer Laughlin China Company introduced the Retro collection, 12 distinctive dinnerware patterns in blast-from-the-past designs. These whimsical, creative designs evoke fun and a distinctively Americana style. This return to the classics has been embraced with enthusiasm.

In response to popular demand, the company has announced four additions to the Retro line, expanding the choices to a total of 16 in this funky, everything-old-is-new-again collection.

Jet Spray Maroon and Jet Spray Mocha both feature a wide, colorful band around the rim edge. The band of color is bold at the outer edge then fades quickly at its inner edge, creating the “sprayed” impression its name imparts. Jet Spray Mocha is applied to classic dinnerware with a wide rim. Jet Spray Maroon is applied to dinnerware with a scalloped edge, an engaging and refreshing mix of classic shape and on-trend flair.

Pinwheels and Golden Ambrosia also join the Retro Collection. These are true callbacks from Homer Laughlin’s vast archive of retired designs. Pinwheels offers black and light-blue polka dots dancing around the rim, while Golden Ambrosia, with a tan and golden pattern hugging the rim, evokes childhood memories of summer meals—a happy-at-home warmth and goodness.

The Homer Laughlin Retro Collection is durable ivory body dinnerware with either a clear or Arctic White glaze—high-fire, lead-free glazes that offer superior heat retention. With a heavy-gauge, high-Alphalain coating, dishes within the Retro collection combine strength with exceptional resistance to scratching, chipping and impact.

All Homer Laughlin dinnerware is lead-free and designed, manufactured, and produced in the U.S.A.

The Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC Inc.), founded in 1871, is the largest domestic tableware manufacturer in the U.S., employing over 800 skilled craftsmen in a 37-acre facility. Homer Laughlin China and Hall China comprise the HLC Inc. family of companies. HLC’s diverse range of lead-free commercial dinnerware meets every conceivable need for today’s discerning chefs and restaurateurs. Setting the tone—not just the table—is at the heart of the HLC commitment to its customers. For more information, visit

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