Home Team BBQ officially opened the new downtown Charleston, South Carolina, location March 8 at 126 Williman Street. The new site takes the best of the existing restaurants and adds exciting new elements from both a design and culinary angle.

Home Team BBQ’s Executive Chef Taylor Garrigan will oversee the restaurant group’s entire culinary program working closely with Home Team BBQ founder Aaron Siegel and downtown’s Chef Courtney Tomer. At Home Team BBQ, guests can find a variety of dishes cooked from scratch and made using fresh meats and ingredients. Signature dishes are the meat platters that feature award-winning barbecue including smoked salt and pepper brisket, St. Louis cut rack of ribs, sausages, chicken, North Carolina-style pork butts and more. There are snacks including chicken and pork cracklins, sides, salads, tacos, and sandwiches. On top of the regular menu, there is a daily menu that features the specials of the day including meats, salads, sandwiches, drinks, and any events.

Each Home Team BBQ restaurant is designed to provide a rustic, laid back feel with details like tin paneling, gas lanterns, and nostalgic memorabilia. The interiors are reminiscent of an old Mississippi juke joint and guests are comforted by casual seating in a variety of offerings—community and picnic tables, banquettes, bar seats and more. Show posters, framed photographs of legendary musicians, and various signs flank the walls throughout the locations. Downtown’s new location, a 4,500-square-foot space, maintains the rustic feel and features reclaimed barn wood, pieces from old chicken coops and shipping container components throughout the space. The new restaurant features a 50-plus foot bar on one side and garage door style windows that open to overlook the expansive courtyard on the other. Outside is additional seating, a large oak tree and shipping containers. The new venue offers a communal atmosphere highlighting an expanded bar menu with over 100 specialty bourbons and whiskeys. Live entertainment by national, regional, and local touring artists will continue to be featured.

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