In a recent meeting of the Association of Food and Drug Officials (2018 AFDO annual conference in Burlington, Vermont), home food delivery services drew great interest due to potential for home delivery services to result in consumer level food safety outbreaks because of the lack of industry and governmental food safety controls.

Under federal laws (Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods) carrier food safety requirements are clearly spelled out to require the establishment of food safety system in the food transportation sector.  Training for all personnel involved in the transportation of perishable foods up to the store level is now mandatory while regulations covering the transportation of foods beyond the store level are yet to be established.

Food home delivery is an exploding market with both retail and restaurant chains establishing systems designed to provide consumers with convenience service solutions. Along with this new demand, the AFDO expects that enforcement of “last mile” food safety regulations may fall on city, county or state agencies but that the industry has the primary responsibility to prevent food safety outbreaks.

The link between the store and the consumer is the driver of the vehicle acting as a carrier between a supplier and a receiver with the store, delivery company and driver assuming liability for the delivered product.

The Sanitary Cold Chain has taken a leadership role in training thousands of food transportation trainees from all over the U.S. and has now developed a 1-hour training program designed to introduce individual contracted and employee automobile drivers and others involved in home food delivery.  The training reviews good food safety and transportation problems and solutions to help educate drivers regarding their role in preventing food safety outbreaks.

At the end of this one-time 50-minute training, a training certificate is awarded in the name of the individual completing the training.  Training content includes an outline of transportation rules and responsibilities, potential transportation food safety problems and reasonable solutions to those problems.

Companies seeking to improve consumer safety and reduce company liability for potential food safety outbreaks may choose one of two options designed to increase driver and transportation personnel food safety knowledge and competency.  Training downloads are available on PCs, Tablets or cell phones.  Individual company driver login sites are available.

For more information about the Sanitary Cold Chain’s TransCert Delivery Driver Food Safety Training, please contact:  Dr. John Ryan at (phone (808) 469-0046) or

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