With the holiday shopping season in full swing, IHOP is spotlighting its popular flavored coffees as a fun treat for shoppers looking to savor the season without breaking the bank.

At a suggested price of $2.99 a cup, IHOP's creamy French Vanilla or rich chocolate Swiss Mocha coffees are affordable indulgences that helps guests stay warm, jolly, and in the holiday spirit.

"Taking a break from the holiday frenzy to enjoy a flavored coffee at IHOP is a delicious way to re-energize and satisfy a craving for something sweet and comforting," says Natalia Franco, senior vice president of marketing for IHOP. "With its selection of delicious flavored coffees, IHOP is a great alternative for java lovers who crave the comforts of being waited upon and a relaxing environment."

IHOP is adding another dash of joy to the holidays with the return of its free $5 coupon for a future visit with every purchase of a $25 gift card in-restaurant. This fun twist rewards shoppers with a bonus for themselves when they gift IHOP to friends and family.

The special bounceback deal extends to the New Year. Guests who purchase a $25 gift card in-restaurant through Jan. 1 will receive a $5 coupon, which must be redeemed by Jan. 31, 2012, and is valid at participating locations only.

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