Hobart, the premium commercial food equipment manufacturer known for designing and building some of the most reliable, must-have equipment, has added the EDGE 13A automatic slicer to its line of medium-duty EDGE Series Slicers.

“We’re excited to expand our EDGE slicer line to include an automatic model,” says Julie Heinrichs, product manager, Hobart. “For operations that don’t require a heavy-duty slicer, but need to ensure their productivity day-to-day, the Edge 13A automatic slicer is a reliable solution that offers consistent results. In addition to its performance, operations can depend its design for clean, safe use.”

The EDGE 13A automatic slicer is an ideal option to address the slicing needs of smaller operations, including independent restaurants and delis.  It features a 1-speed, ½ H.P. knife drive motor to ensure durability and performance, along with a poly V-belt drive system—a design that extends belt life while producing optimal slicing results and quieter operation. This system also offers cost savings for maintenance and repair by reducing parts and service time. The addition of a full 45-degree gravity feed requires less mechanical pressure during operation.

To ensure proper sanitation and provide labor savings for cleaning, the EDGE 13A automatic slicer features a one-piece anodized aluminum base — there are no cracks, crevices or bolt holes for product to lodge or bacteria to enter. An anodized aluminum carriage and knife cover are corrosion and impact resistant, and further support maximum sanitation with minimal cleanup time. A gauge plate interlock also simplifies cleaning and protects users from the knife during the process; it must be closed to disengage the removable carriage for cleaning and cannot be opened when the carriage is removed.

Additional features and benefits of the EDGE 13A automatic slicer include:

  • No-volt release — the slicer must be restarted to operate after a power failure or being unplugged
  • 13-inch diameter chrome-plated carbon steel knife to improve yield
  • Top mounted ceramic stone sharpener that sharpens and hones in 15 seconds, with a single action
  • Permanently mounted ring guard to protect knife during cleaning
  • Removable rear deflector that allows access for thorough cleaning
  • Removable meat grip that permits easy cleaning and ensures oversized loaves are secured

The EDGE 13A automatic slicer joins the EDGE 13 manual slicer Hobart added to the company’s offering in February 2017. The EDGE 13 is a slicer designed for deli and restaurant operations that require less than four hours of slicing per day, and incorporates many of the features that make Hobart heavy-duty slicers an industry benchmark. 

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