At the awards gala during the 2015 Airport Revenue News Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, global restaurateur HMSHost was awarded the Best Overall Food & Beverage Operator and Food Operator With The Highest Regard For Customer Service for the eighth consecutive year.

In addition, HMSHost was also recognized as the Best Food & Beverage Brand Operator and for Airport Charitable Impact for the HMSHost food donation program.

The company has been making an effort to be at the forefront of the transformation of airport dining.

“It is clear that the industry continues to steadily improve in overall quality and service,” says HMSHost president and CEO Steve Johnson. “With each passing year, the competitive landscape, along with HMSHost’s passion for improving airport dining, has created dining experiences for travelers that are historically incomparable.”

The customer service award for HMSHost comes on the heels of the company’s Total Customer Care guest experience program. This internal program aims to use an advanced training structure to elevate the knowledge of customer-facing associates on topics such as menus, culinary influences behind each dish, and beer and wine knowledge.

By giving associates these tools, the standard of guest experience at HMSHost restaurants has been elevated.

Regarding the Airport Charitable Impact award, HMSHost has donated food to local food banks since 1992, and in 2014 more than 1.8 million food items were donated from 63 airport operations across the country.

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