This intensive French cooking technique typically requires 7-10 hours of cook time, but with new Hillshire Farm Sous Vide products, foodservice operators can now achieve tender, juicy meats with little to no back-of-house work.

  • Hillshire Farm Sous Vide products are slow-cooked under pressure in their own juices for meats that arrive evenly cooked and full of juicy flavor
  • The lightly seasoned products come in a convenient package size and can be served as-is or built into a variety of recipes and menus
  • Frozen shelf life of unopened product is 180 days

The three cuts of Hillshire Farm Sous Vide Beef and Pork products make it possible to bring upscale sophistication to any menu without special equipment or skill.

Hillshire Farm Sous Vide Tri-Tip

Cut from a tri-tip roast, this bottom sirloin steak is great on its own or served with an operator’s signature finish

Hillshire Farm Sous Vide Flat Iron

This flat iron steak comes from the shoulder or “chuck,” and since it’s from the top blade, this cut is especially tender and flavorful

Hillshire Farm Sous Vide Pork Cushion

This well-leaned cut offers tremendous taste and can be used as an alternative to chicken for a juicy smoked or pulled pork

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