Socializing at the bar has taken on a whole new meaning. With the launch of its YourGrail platform, Pittsburgh’s RhoMania is enabling customers at Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina to connect with friends over drinks like never before.

After digitizing wine and spirits menus with its Grail software in 2011, the team at RhoMania saw an opportunity to bring its technology to the world of Tequila and Mezcal. The company’s vision, “…to demystify the process of choosing, buying, and experiencing alcoholic beverages by providing people with accessible, trustworthy, and convenient information,” resonated with Jeff Catalina, owner of Verde, in Pittsburgh’s East End.

“One of our missions at Verde is education, so we are excited to be able to change some perceptions of tequila,” says Catalina, who launched Verde with his wife, Erin, in November 2011 and has been using Grail on the restaurant’s iPad tequila menus since opening. “Grail has enabled us to provide guests with another engaging and accessible way to learn more about Mexico’s national spirit.”

Now the restaurant is excited to feature YourGrail, the latest version from RhoMania.Leveraging the power of the social network not only helps to spread the word of its nearly 200 tequilas beyond Verde’s walls, it makes ordering an unfamiliar spirit a little less intimidating.

“From any smartphone or tablet, you can learn about tequila selections and now even rate and review individual selections from Verde’s master Tequila and Mezcal list when you visit,” says Darren Olson, president and CEO of RhoMania.

With YourGrail, customers also can post status updates on Facebook and Twitter about the smooth añejo tequila or smoky reposado Mezcal that they’re currently sipping. Verde guests need only to ask for an iPad menu or scan the QR codes on paper menus with their smartphone to begin the personalized, socially enabled experience.

The value of YourGrail, says Catalina, is how it enhances Verde’s dining experience with every use. “Customers love using Grail. It’s smart, it’s intuitive, it’s simple, and now it’s social. If customers try something they like, they can review it, and that in turn builds a recommendation for the next guest. Everyone will discover something new.”

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