High Liner Foods Incorporated, the leading North American value-added frozen seafood company, announced the addition of a new line of seafood products for the US Foodservice market produced with Guinness stout. This new line of products marks the first collaboration between High Liner Foods and Diageo, the producer of Guinness, the no. 1 stout in the world, and the world’s largest producer of spirits.

Guinness Distinctive Seafood carefully blends High Liner Foods’ most flavorful seafood cuts under the Icelandic Brand, like cod, salmon, tilapia, and shrimp, with the popular taste that only real stout offers. Available in battered, Panko-breaded, flame-seared barbeque-glazed and flame-seared herb-glazed varieties, Guinness Distinctive Seafood delivers a taste that enhances the seafood and brings out the most unique qualities of Guinness stout.

Jim Papadakis, brand manager, Icelandic Seafood says, “Beer has been labeled the ‘new wine’ and has become one of the top food ingredients in the industry. By developing a proprietary recipe with Guinness High Liner Foods is able to provide its customers with a premium line of breaded, battered, and flame-seared glazed seafood that carries the prestige of the Guinness brand name and delivers a truly tantalizing option for every menu application.”

 “Because of the diversity of seafood and the unique flavors that each species holds, we were able to focus on many different flavor-enhancing aspects of Guinness stout,” says Owen Tilley, High Liner Foods’ executive chef. “We’ve taken a well-known brand that has a special and widely recognized flavor identity all its own, and made it work with the delicate flavors of seafood without one flavor overpowering the others.”

The Guinness Distinctive Seafood beer-battered selections are made with premium seafood and a light, authentic Guinness batter. Rustic yet upscale, these varieties fit perfectly on any dining operation’s menu, from bar and grill to white tablecloth.

The Guinness Distinctive Seafood Panko-breaded shrimp offers an authentic Guinness taste that adds broad appeal across the menu for lunch, dinner, small plates, appetizers, fish ‘n’ chips, or baskets. They are available in two varieties, large shrimp perfect for dinner-sized baskets and platters, and the popular popcorn shrimp, perfectly “pop-able” for appetizers and sharing.

The flame-seared Guinness Distinctive Seafood options are pre-seared and then glazed to provide the look and taste of seafood that was made from scratch, offering an impressive entree that is easy to prepare for operators. Available in 4 and 6-ounce portions, the Flame-Seared Atlantic Salmon is glazed in a rich barbecue sauce with real Guinness stout, black pepper, and molasses. The tilapia is glazed with real Guinness stout and a savory blend of herbs that includes rosemary, thyme, garlic, and onion.

For more information about Guinness Distinctive Seafood and serving suggestions, please visit www.highlinerfs.com/guinnessdistinctiveseafood.

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