Unilever Food Solutions introduced its Burger Route Inspiration Guide from the number one consumer-preferred mayonnaise brands Hellmann’s and Best Foods. According to Mintel, burgers are moving from a classic to a contemporary dish. Guests want more than just patties and buns—the whole burger needs to be an experience. From preparation to presentation, condiments to compliments, the Burger Route inspiration guide can help craft a burger experience customers can’t help but share.

The Burger Route program is designed to put great burgers across the country on the map. It not only provides restaurant operators with the opportunity to receive national exposure, but inspiration to help make their burgers famous. The Inspiration Guide provides recipes, ideas, and social marketing tools to help operators create a reputation for amazing burger experiences. From recipes such as the Cajun Blackened and Blue Burger, to tips on how to create unconventional burgers, the inspiration guide provides operators with the tools they need to create inspired flavors through familiar guest favorites.

For more inspiration on creating the best burger experience and to sign up for Burger Route, visit ufs.com/BestBurgers.

Unilever Food Solutions is the foodservice division of Unilever. The ingredients are some of the staples of professional kitchens in 74 countries around the world: Knorr, Hellmann's, Best Foods, Lipton, and more. 

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