For customers that love a little heat, Heinz Foodservice offers Sriracha and Jalapeño Ketchup flavors.

Heinz is excited to help restaurants meet all front and back of house needs, with both flavors available in tabletop bottles, PC packets, and bulk pouch packaging formats.

The all-new Sriracha flavor takes the classic Heinz Tomato Ketchup and infuses it with flavors of spicy chili peppers and a hint of garlic. A great fit for a menu from morning until night, the ketchup can be used on eggs, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches, chicken, burgers, and more.

In addition, the Jalapeño flavor was developed by adding real jalapeños to the classic ketchup recipe, bringing spice to any meal.

These exciting twists on a classic maintain the recognizable taste and consistency of America’s Favorite Ketchup with an added kick from spicy chili peppers and jalapeños to target current consumer preferences. According to a 2013 Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 68 percent of millennials ages 25—34 preferred hot or spicy condiments.

"We are thrilled to offer these products to our foodservice customers, especially during a time when spicy flavors and customization are becoming more and more important to consumers," says Matt Marietti, associate marketing director of foodservice ketchup.  

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