More than ever, consumers are interested in knowing where their food comes from and what it contains. With frozen Heinz Soup Starters, operators can add their fresh premium ingredients to create scratch soups reflecting their customers’ desire for ingredient transparency. Antibiotic-free or grass-fed meats, locally sourced produce, artisanal cheeses, and grains like quinoa are just a few of the add-in possibilities. Operators simply simmer, garnish, and serve for consistently delicious signature scratch soups.

Heinz understands the operational and cost challenges associated with creating new signature soups. That’s why Soup Starters were developed to help minimize those obstacles by simplifying preparation for batch-to-batch consistency. 

Just one starter enables operators to create a variety of on-trend soups, utilizing leftover ingredients and saving money on full-scratch prep.

The Heinz Soup Starters line includes these varieties:

Chili Starter

A thick, lightly spiced vegetarian broth with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and celery. Add your meats, beans, and spice.

Gumbo Starter

A savory vegetarian broth made in the authentic low-country method—thickened with dark roux and sassafras and then blended with tomatoes, onions, peppers, celery, and Andouille flavor. Add seafood, sausage, chicken, or pork.

Cream Soup Starter

A thick, vegetarian, cream-based soup with a mild chicken flavor that pairs well with seafood, vegetables, potatoes, grilled chicken, and more

Heinz Soup Starters are available in 4/4 lb. frozen tubs. For product details and recipe suggestions, visit

Heinz Soups offers soups and other products made especially for the foodservice kitchen. Operators can choose from more than 150 frozen soups in tub and bag formats, as well as convenient and affordable canned soups. 

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