Heinz Foodservice Soups is a proud recipient of the 2012 National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Food and Beverage Product Innovation Award for its Chef Francisco by Heinz 3-in-1 Soup, Sauce, and Dip platform.

Providing operators with the ultimate versatility and variety in the kitchen, the Chef Francisco by Heinz 3-in-1 Soup, Sauce, and Dip platform offers chefs three reconstitution methods that can be used as an appetizing soup when reconstituted with water, a savory sauce when reconstituted with whole milk or a delicious dip when reconstituted with sour cream.

Soup consideration is on the rise as consumers seek healthy, light, and affordable meal options. Whether it’s a cup or a bowl, side or an entrée, 61 percent of consumers now order soup occasionally during restaurant visits, up nearly 10 percent from 2010.

Heinz Foodservice is committed to providing operators the solutions they need for best in menu versatility, customization, and profitability.

“Whether the goal is to craft an individual culinary creation, customize daily offerings, stay current with taste trends, or serve a convenient, high-quality prepared soup at a great value, Heinz Soups are designed to fit any menu,” says Brian Sullivan, senior brand manager for Heinz Foodservice Frozen Soups.

“Chefs can save time and money in the kitchen by using Heinz Soups as a base to eliminate recipe guesswork and maintain consistency within each batch.” 

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