Welcoming to its ranks a trio of ghee suppliers, the world’s only duck fat spray company, a leading provider of goose products and EPIC Provisions, among others, the Healthy Fats Coalition announced its latest group of supporters. The HFC is a new educational initiative dedicated to embracing healthy fats as an essential part of a balanced diet. With today’s announcement of seven additions to its roster, the HFC is now 26 strong.

As an awareness campaign, the Healthy Fats Coalition reflects the marked change in how Americans think about the health benefits of healthy, minimally processed animal fats. The HFC is fostering an enlightened conversation about the food we eat, through news and editorial commentary, social media conversations, opinion surveys and more. Its mission is simple: affirm that animal fats deserve a central place in the American diet and in the popular imagination.

New to the Healthy Fats Coalition:

Adapt Your Life – Co-founded by Dr. Eric Westman, Adapt Your Life is committed to making innovative low carb products with no added sugars accessible, to help more people realize the benefits of a low carb diet so they can live healthier, happier lives. It’s time to ADAPT!

Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray – Duck Fat makes good food better. Cornhusker Kitchen’s cooking oil is the world’s only duck fat spray.

EPIC Provisions makes healthy food that incorporates consciously-sourced animal products. The company’s mission is to alter global food industry practices through better quality, sourcing, and transparency of the foods it produces. Along with creating delicious products that incorporate as much of each animal used as possible, EPIC’s products help employ agricultural practices that improve the lives of animals, support human health, and regenerate the land around us.

Fourth & Heart, an artisanal food brand based in Los Angeles, is on a mission to modernize your pantry. Fourth & Heart is known as the disruptors in the category for creating the first-ever sprays, pours and single servings with butter fat. The company’s first-of-its-kind salted and flavored ghees make cooking and using ghee a breeze! Check them out for more fun innovations on http://www.fourthandheart.com.

Gold Nugget Ghee is committed to bringing people the highest quality ghee available on the market. The company sources butter from small farms in Northern California, which provide a unique rainforest ecosystem that enables cows to graze happily on green grass all year long.

Pure Indian Foods – A 5th-generation gheemaker since 1889, Pure Indian Foods provides grassfed 100 percent organic ghee, handmade in New Jersey.

Schiltz Foods – Family-owned, Schiltz Foods is the largest producer of goose and goose products in North America and a leading provider of delectable capon.

Coast Packing Company, the leading supplier of animal fat shortenings in the Western U.S., took the lead in organizing the HFC.

“We’re delighted to welcome these supporters to the campaign,” said Eric R. Gustafson, Coast Packing CEO. “We all agree that natural animal fats have been demonized for too long, and that the HFC exists to remind everyone that animal fats are a big part of today’s dynamic food culture.”

“Minimally processed animal fats belong in the kitchen, at restaurants and at home,” says Ernie Miller, Coast Packing’s Corporate Chef. “The HFC recognizes that the entire discussion around food, nutrition, healthy eating and balanced diets is confusing at best – at times, the zigs and zags over what to eat and not eat can seem overwhelming – which is why education is so crucial. “ To help fulfill the campaign’s mission to inform, the HFC website includes a Resources page – a one-stop repository of the latest books, research studies, videos, news articles, public and trade events.

HFC is not a trade organization or in the business of promoting individual products or brands. Although commercial interests are welcome to participate in the campaign, the HFC is not itself a commercial organization. Support of the HFC involves no cost or obligation among participants. The Healthy Fats Coalition asks only that supporters post the HFC badge on their websites and various social media channels, and add their voices and ideas to the ongoing conversation.

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