Healthy Brand Oil announced the launch of their new Fryer Fuel Advantage frying oil made with high oleic soybean oil. Fryer Fuel Advantage has an oil profile that is similar to heart-healthy olive oil and fills the void in the industry for a healthier, more cost-efficient way to fry. This premium frying oil lasts longer in the fryer, driving down costs and saving time.

“We are very excited to be introducing our new Fryer Fuel Advantage to our customers. It’s a high-performance frying oil that was developed to bring manufacturers and foodservice operators a frying solution that delivers longer fry times, lower costs, and healthier fried foods,” says Jason Thomas, Vice President of Healthy Brand Oil.

Speaking true to its name, Healthy Brand Oil had the need for healthier frying in mind with the creation of Fryer Fuel Advantage.  This unique oil is lower in saturated fats than commodity soybean oil, contains high percentages of beneficial monounsaturated fats, and is Zero Grams Trans Fat per Serving.

Fryer Fuel Advantage lasts twice as long in the fryer versus commodity frying oils.  It also reduces the amount of frying oil needed and time spent on labor-intensive changeovers for the food service operator.  Fryer Fuel Advantage also has a durable oil profile allowing it to be used in heavy-duty frying applications where commodity oils are not an option. As a result, Fryer Fuel Advantage will reduce your annual frying oil cost, at the same time producing a healthier and better tasting finished product.

For more information or to schedule a fry test please contact National Sales Manager Steven Blanc at 718-937-0806 or

Healthy Brand Oil offers a complete line of multipurpose and specialty oil solutions including Non-GMO Project Verified Expeller Pressed Soybean and Canola Oils, private label, and high quality blended oil options that are always OU Kosher certified and Zero Grams Trans-Fat per Serving.

Working closely with food service and ingredient distributors Healthy Brand Oil’s products are perfect for use in national restaurant chains, independent restaurants, hotels, casinos, and universities as well as food manufacturers.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Long Island City, NY Healthy Brand Oil provides multipurpose and specialty edible oil solutions to foodservice operators and food manufacturers. The company offers a complete line of solutions that include NON-GMO Project Verified, expeller pressed, long fry solutions, and blended oils which are always OU Kosher certified and Zero Grams Trans-Fat per Serving.  Healthy Brand Oil is dedicated to supplying premium edible oils that deliver exceptional flavor profiles, increased productivity, while also remaining environmentally responsible and health conscious.  Healthy Brand Oil works closely with distributors to meet the specific needs of the end user.

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