Hawksmoor NYC launches Sunday Roast, bringing the traditional British meal to the U.S. for the first time. As one of the only restaurants in New York serving Sunday Roast, Hawksmoor hopes to introduce New Yorkers to the British institution which for centuries has brought together friends, family and loved ones at the end of each week. 

In a nation famed for its Sunday Roast, the question is obvious: which is the best?  Hawksmoor, not satisfied with being ranked No. 1 Steakhouse in the World, has won that accolade not once but twice. Now they are bringing it to New York. 

Hawksmoor’s Sunday Roast features ethically reared slow-roasted rump, beef dripping potatoes, roasted cabbage, roasted carrots, Yorkshire puddings, bone marrow and onion gravy, and the option of adding cauliflower cheese as a side. Traditionally, a Sunday roast was prepared by roasting large joints of meat on a spit over an open fire. To achieve a similar flavour, Hawksmoor starts theirs on real charcoal and finishes them in the oven. 

“We could not be more excited to launch Hawksmoor’s beloved Sunday Roast in New York,” says Paddy Coker, Hawksmoor’s Grill Chef. “Roast beef is an institution.  People from all walks of life gathering together, celebrating the end of the week with family and friends over huge platefuls. Everyone has a favourite bit. The beef is key, but then there’s the Yorkshire puddings, the roast potatoes, the gravy. That’s the best bit for me, drowning everything in delicious gravy.” 

British beef was long the envy of the world, with its herds of Angus and Hereford finding their way to the American plains, the Argentinian pampas, and every corner of the globe.  Its most celebrated role in British life is as the center piece of a Sunday feast that brings everyone together.  

Known for its dry-aged steaks cooked over live charcoal and award-winning cocktail program, Hawksmoor opened in 2021 inside the historic United Charities Building in Gramercy.

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