Harri Technologies announced the release of TeamLive Wednesday, an end-to-end workforce management solution designed for the hospitality industry. In an industry faced with rapid technology and regulatory change, Harri is introducing TeamLive to ensure that the future success of a hospitality organization  will be driven by their ability to increase productivity and revenues through smart management, risk reduction and actionable insights.

TeamLive was designed to provide value for the entire spectrum of hospitality business stakeholders by consolidating up to 10 operational systems into a single, mission-critical platform, including instant team communications, team scheduling overlaid with labor costs and live sales performance data, providing operators with greatly enhanced profit visibility.  Streamed collection and analysis of data takes employee performance to new levels of intelligence and industry relevance. In addition, TeamLive includes a revolutionary, app-based time clock that uses biometric facial recognition to track employees hours, eliminating wage theft while also enhancing team communications and compliance.

“The ability to track employee time precisely, monitor and optimize workplace culture, and make data-driven decisions is a game-changer for managers and operator,” says Harri founder and CEO Luke Fryer. “But what we are most proud of in TeamLive is its ability to engage all employees—including those with language or technical challenges—in the operational heartbeat of the business. In hospitality, employee adoption is a real issue, so we’re proud to have created an easy and simple platform that the workforce will actually use and love.”

Workforce management software is not new to the hospitality industry and while many solutions exist, most only address a single problem like scheduling, team communications or time management. Since launching in 2013 as a talent acquisition platform, Harri has listened to its customers requests for deeper functionality and the industry’s demand for a fully integrated end to end solution, which TeamLive now provides. 

“Not only does the workforce of a hospitality group create the experience that keeps customers coming back, but that workforce also accounts for an average of 32 percent of revenue and is the largest single cost line,” says Luke Fryer, Harri founder and CEO. “We are providing our customers with a broader and richer set of data than ever before. This enables both hiring and operational decisions to be made from a single platform.”

The launch of TeamLive comes on the heels of a partnership with ADP which sees Harri’s suite of hospitality-specific recruitment and workforce management tools integrated into ADP Workforce Now, ADP’s leading HCM platform for midsized businesses.  

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