Verlasso, the world's first provider of harmoniously raised fish, launched its premium salmon with FreshDirect, New York City's premier online grocer. FreshDirect is the first retailer in the United States to offer Verlasso salmon.

Verlasso brings a new category of farmed salmon to consumers who care about how their food was raised and where it comes from. Its revolutionary, harmonious approach to farming produces a high quality, great tasting salmon that promotes balance between everyone's nutritional needs and the needs of the environment.

"We are excited about introducing Verlasso salmon to FreshDirect customers," says Scott Nichols, director of Verlasso. "Salmon, like people, get their Omega-3s from their diets. Currently, these Omega-3s come from fish oils provided by wild-caught feeder fish. Our most significant farming innovation is that we use 75 percent fewer feeder fish to produce healthy salmon rich in Omega-3s."

In addition to the reduction of feeder fish, Verlasso's farming practices fundamentally change the relationship between salmon farming and the oceans. The company is committed to improving its farming methods continuously to ensure customers the best salmon possible today and for generations to come:

  • Verlasso salmon are raised in the cold, clean waters of Southern Patagonia, away from industrial development, ensuring a healthier salmon.
  • Verlasso salmon swim freely in spacious pens–less than four fish per ton of water–producing a leaner fish than traditionally farmed salmon.
  • Every phase of the salmon's life, from egg to harvest, is accounted for, ensuring integrity and freshness all the way to the consumer.
  • Growth hormones are never used, so the fish grow at their own natural rate.

"We want our customers at FreshDirect to have access to the freshest and most sustainable seafood options to feed their families a healthy, great tasting product," says Maggie Moon, MS, RD, FreshDirect's nutritionist.

"Verlasso offers our customers a quality sustainable salmon that is unmatched in the marketplace,” says seafood category manager Jeff Ludwin.

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