Hankscraft Inc. received authorization from global public health organization NSF International to be listed in the NSF White Book through the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration program, a voluntary registration program to verify the safety of products to be used in food and beverage processing. This authorization is for Hankscraft’s handwashing and sanitizing products, RedDot Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap (E2) and RedDot Fragrance-Free Foaming Hand Soap (E1).

To register a product in the NSF White Book, the product receives a thorough toxicological review to ensure that the product meets the safety requirements for the category code that is appropriate for the products end use. 

“By registering their products to the NSF Nonfood Compounds Program, Hankscraft has proven its commitment to public health and safety,” says Ashlee Breitner, NSF International’s Business Unit Manager for Nonfood Compounds. “NSF International’s registration verifies that their products meet the category requirements and are therefore acceptable to be used in food processing facilities.”

To view Hankscraft’s official NSF listing for these products, please visit their official NSF White Book listing.

"We are proud that we have achieved NSF approval on both our Fragrance-Free Foaming Hand Soap and our Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap," adds Andy Ahrens, Vice President & General Manager of RedDot Brands.  "NSF is the go-to agency that facilities turn to for risk management solutions and we're very pleased to be aligned with their organization."

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