Independent Restaurateur Magazine named Hans Schuler (BA ’59), chairman and CEO of Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub in Marshall, Michigan, the National Restaurateur of the Year.

Schuler, a graduate of Michigan State’s School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management in 1959, is a member of The School of Hospitality Business (as it is now called) Alumni Association Hall of Fame, inducted in 2006 with the Class of Owners.

A familiar family name to most Spartans, the Schulers have come to embody the very best in hospitality, and the restaurant and pub are landmarks in the state of Michigan. 

Schuler grew up in the family business–a family-owned business that was established in 1909 by Hans’ grandfather. 

It was during Schuler’s father, Win’s, 50-year leadership that Schuler became a household name, known for legendary, quality food, imaginative recipes, and warm and gracious service. 

A feature article in Independent Restaurateur explains Schuler’s longevity and success, saying, “The restaurant’s philosophy is the key. Hans Schuler, the third-generation owner, points to a unique connection with his guests, as well as attention to the changing eating habits of those guests. ‘We have a saying at Schuler’s,’ he says. ‘The guest shall decide.’”

“By this,” Schuler explains, “we mean that our approaches to everything, from the décor to the menu, are driven by the needs and opinions of our patrons. We’re always looking for something fresh, taking the best of the past and blending it with contemporary trends and tastes.”

Then there is that special guest service, the genuine hospitality. 

Schuler has told students at MSU: “It’s welcoming people, training staff. We smile, and we know the dining room by the guests, not by table numbers. We make every guest experience special.”

And anyone who has ever been to Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub knows exactly what Hans is talking about. 

“We’ll continue to evolve and to reinvest in order to keep providing the experience our guests have come to expect,” he assures. 

School Director Dr. Ron Cichy (BA ’72, MBA ’77) says, “Hans Schuler is an iconic leader who represents the best of gracious hospitality in a family that has created positively memorable experiences for 103 years. We applaud Hans and Nancy Schuler.”

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