The Hall China Company has introduced Grove serving ware, a line of small platters, trays, and plates destined to become a tabletop focal point and the champion of signature appetizers, shareables, and sides. Hall China designer Mick Bowdler, a stalwart in the Hall China design department since 1981 and native of Bedfordshire, England, created the line to evoke beautiful anomalies found in the natural world. With an appearance drawn from wood and stone, Grove blends unique coloring and texture with unconventional shapes.

The first things you notice are the shapes—not square or round or typical in any way—that mimic nature’s own handiwork. Next, subtly textured grooves roll across the surface to add depth. When pigment and glazing are applied, they settle in the grooves in different thicknesses and intensities, forming variations in appearance and feel. Although each piece is a blend of colors, the dominant tones are sepia, which plays well with rustic foods and herbaceous plating, and cool gray, which elevates dishes with a quirky sophistication.

Handcrafted at Hall, part of The Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC Inc.) since 2010, Grove presents an eclectic backdrop worthy of an array of culinary creations.

Bowdler says, “Our goal was to create a canvas that had a preemptive wow factor for plating signature entrees, first-course favorites, or desserts. We designed Grove to be at the center of the table or front and center at the bar. That’s a busy place, and Grove is shaped to show beautifully with a minimal footprint.”

Add the Grove collection to your mix to accent tabletop décor, tie everything together, or produce a pointed contrast. It gives food a show-stopping presentation that adds value and center-stage appeal.

The Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC Inc.), founded in 1871, is the largest domestic tableware manufacturer in the United States, employing over 800 skilled craftsmen in a 37-acre facility. Homer Laughlin China and Hall China comprise the HLC Inc. family of companies. HLC’s diverse range of lead-free commercial dinnerware meets every conceivable need for today’s discerning chefs and restaurateurs. Setting the tone—not just the table—is at the heart of the HLC commitment to its customers. For more information, please visit


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