Hakkasan, a Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant brand, launched a luxurious menu on October 1 to celebrate Golden Week. This week-long national holiday is celebrated in China every October to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Traditionally observed in China with family reunions and travel, Golden Week remains relatively unknown in the United States. Hakkasan’s four-course Golden Week menu was created by Executive Chef Chen-Wei Chan to introduce American audiences to this beloved Chinese holiday.

Hakkasan’s Golden Week menu is priced at $888, an auspicious number that symbolizes wealth and good fortune in Chinese culture. Featuring high-end ingredients like Golden Osetra caviar and gold dust, the menu is a feast for the senses and will bring family and friends together for an indelible dining experience.

The meal starts with the Golden Opulence, a limited-edition cocktail with Beluga Gold Line vodka, Tatinger Brut Champagne, Joto yuzu sake and rock melon syrup that is garnished with gold dust.

Following the Golden Opulence is the Golden Hakka dim sum platter, which will include dumplings such as har gau, traditional Cantonese shrimp dumplings in a delicate, translucent wrapper; Chinese chive dumplings; and chicken and pak choy dumplings.

The dim sum platter will be followed by the star of the Golden Week menu and a reimagination of Hakkasan’s signature dish: the Golden Peking duck with Caviar Russe Private Reserved Caspian Sea Gold Osetra. Served two ways, the Peking duck will first be presented with spring pancakes, cucumbers and scallions and topped with Golden Osetra caviar, a rare variety that adds a nutty and briny touch to the exquisite dish. The remaining duck will be stir-fried with guests’ choice of two Cantonese sauces, the umami-packed XO sauce or the aromatic black bean sauce.

To finish, guests will indulge in the Golden Ring, a beautiful dessert made with black tea, yuzu pears, a ginger infusion and dulcey cream.

“In China, people look forward to Golden Week every year. Not only is it a very important holiday in China, it’s a wonderful chance for families to spend time together,” says Chef Chen-Wei Chan, Executive Chef Special Projects in the U.S. for Hakkasan. “I hope this menu offers a special opportunity for guests, who may never have heard of Golden Week, to create unforgettable memories with their loved ones.”

The Golden Week menu, which serves two to four guests, will be available from October 1 to 7 for $888 or $388. The $888 menu will include a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal. The Golden Opulence cocktail and Golden Ring dessert can be ordered a la carte for $25 and $18 respectively as well.

The menu will be served at Hakkasan New York, Hakkasan Las Vegas and Hakkasan San Francisco, and advanced reservations are highly recommended.

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