GuestMetrics announced the general availability of its new Analytics Management Platform (AMP) and the launch of its On-premise Supplier Dashboard. Additionally, as part of the announcement, the company has increased its On-Premise Location Database (OPLD) by more than 50 percent.

"This announcement allows us to extend our lead in the on-premise consumer analytics space. Today we provide insights on more than 1.7 billion point-of-sale (POS) transactions annually, representing more than $100 billion in consumer spending at restaurants, bars, lodging locations and stadiums across the United States," says Marco Buchbinder, the company's president and chief operating officer. He adds, "Unlike using depletion data or surveys, GuestMetrics' On-premise Supplier Dashboard is the only solution that provides insights into consumers on-premise spending habits, as well as brand preferences and trends based on actual spending."

Key features of GuestMetrics new On-premise Supplier Dashboard:

Cloud Based—GuestMetrics platform is accessible on-demand using virtually any web browser (SSL enabled).

Ease of Use—Built as much for C-level executives as for Data Analysis, the platform uses a new graphical user interface and infographics to provide users with simple visualization and immediate interpretation of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and trends.

Advanced Analytics—with more than 39,000 wine brands, 34,000 beer brands and 19,000 spirits tracked and reported on everyday, the company's new platform provides clients with the ability to identify actionable intelligence. 

"This is the first in what will be a new set of dashboards released by GuestMetrics using our cloud-based Analytics Management Platform (AMP). We plan to release our new Operator Dashboard, Distributor Dashboard and Financial Services Dashboards in the coming weeks," says Brendan Reilly, the company' chairman and CEO. He adds, "Our goal is to move quickly to bring new solutions to market that will help clients and partners gain insights from our data. We want to make it simple to identify and act on the intelligence that our platform delivers." 

GuestMetrics is now scheduling demonstrations of its On-premise Supplier Dashboard to interested parties. To schedule a demonstration visit 

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