Having offered cage-free eggs in more than 100 owned and managed food service facilities since 2010, Guest Services is now mandating the exclusive use of cage-free shell, liquid, and hard-cooked eggs throughout the company by June 30, 2015.

Guest Services is a private hospitality company and National Park Service concessionaire providing food, lodging, retail, and recreation services.

“It is in the interest of animal welfare and in accordance with our corporate sustainability standards that we have adopted this policy across the company,” says Guest Services CEO Gerry Gabrys. “We have systematically been increasing the use of cage-free eggs in our operations for some years. Now we feel conditions are such that we can serve eggs solely from humanely-raised hens because of increased product availability and our ability, due to the strength of our purchasing power, to access an adequate supply to meet the needs of our restaurants and cafés.”

The transition to cage-free egg usage is ongoing throughout the company’s operations on an industry-leading timeline and will be complete by June 30, 2015.  By that date, all facilities will display signage noting the policy update, and all eggs served to guests and used in food preparation will be from cage-free hens.

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