Noted as Jacksonville’s “Best Kept Secret” and “Best Overall Restaurant,” Grumpy’s Restaurant is one of many small businesses around the world taking a hit during the coronavirus outbreak. As a brand that has always been involved within the community, Grumpy’s has been working to give back to residents in the surrounding Clay County and Jacksonville community.

President and CEO Daniel DeLeon has been recognized in the community for giving up his own salary so that his staff can continue to bring home a paycheck, despite dining rooms being closed in the state of Florida. He then organized a free produce giveaway for residents in need. Now, DeLeon plans to give back in a new community initiative that supports local healthcare workers, first responders, and less fortunate. The campaign allows anyone to contribute and gift a meal to people on the frontlines of COVID-19, as well as people in need in the local community.

“It started off with the salary — our incredible staff is what makes our diner more than just a place to eat,” said DeLeon. “It seemed like common sense to do everything I can to help them. Once people heard about what we were doing, the community showed us so much love and I knew I had to do everything I could to continue to help our community and neighbors.”

DeLeon then coordinated with the restaurant’s food vendors to set up a community giveaway where Grumpy’s gave out free produce to anyone who couldn’t afford groceries. The countless pallets of produce were expected to last over the course of a week, but ran out after just one morning. “It became really evident that people right in our backyards are hurting,” added DeLeon.

Now, DeLeon has come up with a new way to give back. “Grumpy’s Community Action Campaign, Give A Breakfast—Give A Lunch” enables local patrons to buy a meal as a thank-you to healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19 and or their less fortunate neighbors. The restaurant will be delivering all contributions weekly to healthcare workers, first responders, and the less fortunate in the Clay County community.

“So many people have reached out wanting to assist us in giving back, with our new campaign all you have to do is call and donate, and we will bring a hot meal to those who are risking their lives to protect us or the less fortunate,” said DeLeon. “One gift of $10 will provide a Grumpy’s signature meal as a small thank-you to our selfless workers and our communities less fortunate. Your donation also helps to ensure that our team members can continue to come into work every day. The coolest part is, you can fill out a custom thank-you card and we will provide your message with the meal!”

Those interested in donating can call (904) 215-1956 to make a donation, or stop by Grumpy’s Curbside Pick-up to place an order. The restaurant is making arrangements to deliver the meals weekly to local hospitals, first responders’ headquarters and to local families need.

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