GRUBBRR, an industry-leading provider of self-ordering technologies that are revolutionizing the way commerce is transacted globally, announced that they have received a $35 million intellectual property-based funding arrangement from Aon plc, a global professional services firm. The funding arrangement provides GRUBBRR with capital to fuel the company’s rapid expansion and development of self-ordering solutions.

GRUBBRR’s self-ordering solutions are in high-demand and have demonstrated an immediate impact on businesses in three material ways: GRUBBRR increases revenue through algorithmically programmed upselling technology, decreases operating costs by streamlining efficiency and reducing the dependency on labor, and improves the customer experience by expediting average transaction time, eliminating order inaccuracies, and implementing loyalty integrations.

“This financing from Aon comes at a pivotal moment in GRUBBRR’s growth,” says Sam Zietz, GRUBBRR CEO. “Right now, our biggest challenge is scaling the business to meet the demands of the industry. With this funding from Aon, we will be investing in the development and scaling of our team and our solutions. GRUBBRR’s management team will continue to deploy and allocate capital with a disciplined approach consistent with creating value in a hyper-growth environment.”

In addition to self-ordering kiosks, operators can also integrate their existing ecosystem with GRUBBRR’s dynamic digital menu boards, order display systems and distribution lockers to further revolutionize their business. GRUBBRR’s technology is enabled for quick service restaurants, sports venues, casinos, and retail.

“Intellectual property and, more broadly, intangible assets, are fueling much of the innovation in today’s growth economy. Our unique solutions are designed to help growth-stage companies like GRUBBRR maximize the potential value of their intellectual property,” said Lewis Lee, CEO of Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions. “We are committed to helping IP-rich companies unlock the value of these assets and provide them greater access to capital so they can further pursue growth with minimal dilution to their ownership.”

Aon is bringing solutions to the market that help companies seek access to non- or minimally dilutive growth capital by valuing intangible assets and structuring capital solutions that leverage such value. Aon’s Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions team combined its proprietary IP valuation tools and a collateral protection insurance policy to help create an IP-collateralized debt structure that allowed GRUBBRR to raise additional funds through debt. Aon was recently named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list for its ground-breaking IP solutions.

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