Groupon announced major additions to its free Breadcrumb POS iPad point-of-sale app that provide the most popular types of local businesses with a pre-built, customizable experience adapted to their specific industry. With Breadcrumb POS v.1.2, hair and nail salons, spas, studios, wine bars, cafes, and retail establishments now have their own point-of-sale experience designed for their unique merchant environments.

Launched in May 2013, Breadcrumb POS delivers highly-relevant features for a broad range of merchants, including: the ability to use pre-loaded menus and inventory lists, process offline transactions, scan and redeem Groupon vouchers, track deal performance, add custom item modifiers, and more. As a result of the 1.2 updates, Groupon now has a point-of-sale solution for every type of local business.

Breadcrumb POS Now Addresses the Following Scenarios:

  • Thousands of Menu Items to Load or Choose From – Breadcrumb POS comes with seven preloaded menus and inventory lists for the most popular types of local businesses, enabling merchants to start running their systems within minutes; merchants can also now add, scroll and search thousands of menu items.
  • WiFi Signal Goes Out – Breadcrumb POS keeps checkout lines moving in the event the Internet connection is disrupted, storing transactions for up to one hour and processing offline transactions once WiFi resumes.
  • Customer Has a Groupon Voucher – Built-in Groupon redemption provides for a smooth transaction experience for both merchants and consumers; in addition, the system enables merchants to exclude products and services not eligible for the discount and tracks overall deal performance.
  • Modify a Latte with Soy Milk and Add Extra Whipped Cream – Make changes or add to any item or package and seamlessly apply them to a customer’s bill.
  • Put This Drink on My Tab – Merchants can now serve more than one customer at a time by allowing them to keep their tabs open during their dining and shopping experiences.


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