MS Focus announced a special partnership opportunity for restaurants around the country, as part of the Foundation’s activities for National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month, March 2018. Restaurants are invited to participate in The Great MS Dine Out, to be held Thursday, March 29, 2018 to benefit the Foundation’s programs and services.

“This will be our inaugural year for The Great MS Dine Out,” says Charlie Myrick, director of corporate development for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. “MS Focus offers vital and much-needed programs and services to the MS community. Restaurants are incredibly important to communities around the country, and partnering with them will be an excellent way to spread MS awareness and awareness of our programs and services, as well as providing publicity and community goodwill for our partners.”

The Great MS Dine Out event will take place nationwide. “There will be multiple participation tiers, so restaurants small and large are encouraged to take part,” Myrick adds.

Through the event, participating restaurants will agree to donate a certain amount of their day’s proceeds, either a percentage or a lump sum, to help fund the programs and services that MS Focus offers in communities around the country.

“We will provide promotional materials, and the different tiers come with special benefits provided by MS Focus,” Myrick says. “For us, March is about coming together with communities around the country in a joint effort, not to just tell people about multiple sclerosis, but to let them know that we are out here fighting for them. Through this new initiative, we are showing communities that help can come from anywhere, even their favorite restaurant.”

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