Grateful Burger has launched a retail line of its blended burgers in select Massachusetts grocers. The company is excited to be offering both its Angus Beef Patties Blended with Portabella Mushrooms as well as ABF Chicken Patties with Kale and Roasted Garlic exclusively at all Roche Brothers Supermarkets, Donelan’s Supermarkets, Crosby’s Marketplace, Pemberton Farms, Kinnealey Meat Co. and Cronig’s Market on Martha’s Vineyard.

“Burgers and summertime go hand-in-hand, and we saw an opportunity to innovate and give the public a retail item like no other,” says Grateful Burger founder Chris Nessen. “Our blend of fresh vegetables and ABF and Hormone-free meats, provides a healthy and delicious family-friendly meal and it’s perfect for summertime BBQs.”

Grateful Burgers are blended burgers based on a concept of replacing protein with portabella mushrooms, herbs and spices. The Original Angus Burger is a 60% beef and 40% mushroom blend and together allows our blended burgers to retain a delicious beef flavor and texture unlike veggie burgers. Its all-natural vegetable content cuts the carbs, fats and calories of a traditional burger in half! The Grateful Burger is also gluten and allergen free and low in sodium making it a healthy choice for much of our population, not just people with dietary needs. Grateful Burger’s unique recipe also results in using fewer resources like water and land to raise cattle, which contributes to a more sustainable food system.

“With success in the foodservice segment, we’re hoping to now educate the public and to connect people more closely to real food and the communities that produce our ingredients,” adds Nessen. “We hope to bring both health and convenience to consumers. As well as, have consumers embrace the idea that their Grateful Burger purchase contributes to protecting our natural environmental resources as well.”

Grateful Burger is the first company to bring the concept of blendability to higher education and that proven success allowed for the decision to bring it to retail.

“We’re excited to offer our shoppers a brand new line of burgers made with quality ingredients, so they can feel even better about enjoying their favorite summer time food.”

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