GoTab announced its partnership with T-Squared Social, one of the newest premium concepts to enter New York City’s growing eatertainment category.

With a focus on community and hospitality, T-Squared Social leverages GoTab’s traditional and Pocket Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions to provide an elevated guest experience that allows customers to enjoy its widespread entertainment offerings, all on one tab. In addition, GoTab powers its custom-built app, a one-stop guest facing interface that manages subscriptions and reservations for ultimate convenience.

“The eatertainment category continues to see tremendous growth, as more and more consumers look to combine eating out with other unique experiences. Our flexible solutions are helping these types of establishments streamline operations and ensure that top-tier hospitality is being provided to each and every guest,” said Tim McLaughlin, Co-Founder & CEO at GoTab. “Rather than having to open a tab at the bar, then a separate tab at your golf simulation station, and another at your duckpin bowling lane, GoTab uniquely allows guests’ tabs to follow them throughout their visit. Our goal was for the technology to be so convenient that it’s almost invisible. We are really proud of what we have already been able to accomplish with T-Squared Social, especially its custom-built app that is responsible for all T-Squared Social member interactions.”

Located in the heart of Manhattan, T-Squared Social is redefining the multi-dimensional dining experience, merging elevated cuisine and craft cocktails with state-of-the-art Full Swing simulators for golf and other interactive gameplay, including duckpin bowling, darts, and premium sports-watching. The new concept boasts 22,000 square feet and can hold more than 300 guests.

“T-Squared Social is New York City’s top shelf sports and social entertainment venue, offering incredible craft cocktails, upscale food, indoor games and activities, sports watching, and more,” said Steven Sartuche, General Manager of T-Squared Social. “We’re proud to offer this wide range of exceptional offerings, yet we recognize it also could present challenges for employees trying to manage various reservations and orders at once as well as guests wanting to engage in multiple areas of our business throughout their visit. With that, we knew that there had to be a solution that would better the employee experience and improve overall operations, while still creating a seamless visit for our guests. GoTab’s innovative solutions and offerings have been instrumental in our ability to streamline operations and optimize both experiences and efficiencies.”

GoTab’s extensive POS capabilities, such as shared tab control, smart kitchen management and advanced administrative features, allow staff to manage inventory, menus, shifts and more, all from its stationary POS or from its phone-sized POS for added convenience. Leveraging GoTab’s solutions, T-Squared Social is empowered to reduce costs, grow revenue and enable a frictionless guest and team member experience.

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