Gordon Biersch, the brewery restaurant specializing in handcrafted lagers and ales brewed in-house, recently unveiled an easy-to-follow beer and food pairings guide designed to help guests learn more about the brand’s five different beer styles and the flavors that perfectly complement each. Available now through August 28 at restaurants nationwide, craft beer fanatics can turn up the heat on their summer fun and enhance their dining experience by creating the ideal beer and food match with the help of this informational menu tool. The guide includes a descriptive infographic with beer and food icons to make the pairing process interactive, educational and simple.

“At Gordon Biersch, we pride ourselves on being a leader among beer-centric restaurants in the industry today, and have set ourselves apart by brewing on-site exceptionally unique lagers and ales that keep our guests coming back for more,” says Tom Dargen, senior director of Brewery Operations at Gordon Biersch. “We’re excited to debut our new beer and food pairings guide, which will enhance the dining experience for our guests and offer them insight into the Gordon Biersch brewing process and our signature flavor-packed brews. We look forward to welcoming craft beer lovers to try out this new resource, as well as showcasing the diverse intricacies of our local head brewers’ beer creations at restaurants nationwide.”

As part of the beer and food pairings guide roll out, Gordon Biersch restaurants throughout the country will feature a selection of craft beers brewed on-site by local head brewers. All of the restaurant’s head brewers develop a unique beer in each of the featured beer styles on-site for guests to enjoy. At the start of each meal, guests are encouraged to preview the pairings menu to enhance their experience with styles including:

Hoppy—A beer style that balances out spicy foods and helps emphasize specific flavors in dishes, which creates an ideal combination with spicy meals, pork, poultry and burgers. This flavor can be paired well with Gordon Biersch favorites including Southwest Egg Rolls, Marzen BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Chicken Fritters.

Fruity & Spicy—This style of beer complements and balances flavors similar to notes in the beer, such as those found in poultry, salads, seafood and flatbreads. Guests can pair their Fruity & Spicy brews with selections such as the Blue Crab & Artichoke Dip, Cali Beach Taco and California Cobb Flatbread.

Light & Refreshing—Select this type of beer style when looking for a refreshing craft beer that will cleanse the palate and will also complement lighter dishes. The chef recommends matching this style of beer with Gordon Biersch menu items such as the Cajun Pasta and the Gorgonzola Pear Salad.

Malty—Fans of roasted, grilled and smoked foods should sample this style of beer, which will give another layer of flavor to the dish. Ideal menu items to be paired with Malty beers include the Gordon Biersch Beer & Mushroom Chicken and the Gastro Burger.

Dark—This style of beer best complements chocolate and other sweet flavors, as well as meat dishes such as Gordon Biersch’s 10 oz. USDA Top Sirloin and the fan-favorite Brownie Sundae.

In 2015, Gordon Biersch unveiled its new, chef-driven menu, featuring made-from-scratch, seasonal recipes across the brand’s food, beer and cocktail offerings. Additionally, the restaurant chain began offering a wider variety of beers while staying true to traditional brewing methods; a wine list comprised of well-known producers from top growing regions around the world; and a fun cocktail menu focused on the classics.

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