Golden Corral is once again adding variety and enjoyment for its guests by introducing an exciting new addition to its Brass Bell Bakery: the Chocolate Wonderfall.

The Chocolate Wonderfall is a multi-tiered, flowing fountain of chocolate surrounded by a variety of fresh fruit and bakery goods that can be dipped in by the guest.  

At the Chocolate Wonderfall station guests will discover an array of products on display where they can help themselves by skewering and dipping their selections into the chocolate fountain. Some of the endless dipping selections include:

  • Sweet pineapple chunks
  • Red strawberries
  • Slices of fresh apples
  • Fluffy marshmallows
  • Coconut macaroons
  • Rice Krispies Treats

"We are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more menu options and even higher value to our guests,” says Ed Gleich, vice president of national marketing and media, Golden Corral Corporation.

The Chocolate Wonderfall will be a permanent addition to the Brass Bell Bakery and will complement the incredible variety of menu options already existing on Golden Corral's salad bar, hot buffet, and bakery and dessert table. 

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