AllergyEats, a leading guide to finding allergy-friendly restaurants online, recently recognized Glory Days Grill as one of the Top Five Allergy-Friendly Small Chains in the US. Glory Days Grill maintains a Nutrition Calculator and Allergen Wizard on its website,, both of which help guests choose menu items which meet their nutritional or dietary needs. The Allergen Wizard, in addition to their Gluten Free Menu, allows guests with specific food allergies to select their allergen and browse through a Glory Days Grill menu list that excludes menu items containing that allergen in its ingredients.

In addition to the company’s Nutrition Calculator, Allergen Wizard, and Gluten Free Menu, all team members are trained in its intensive ALERTED system includes policies on how to: Alert management, Listen to guests, Educate, Ring food in correctly, use the appropriate sterile kitchen Tools to prohibit cross-contamination, Ensure food safety and Double check every stage of the process. The ALERTED system is coupled with regular ongoing training for all team members on common allergens, allergic reactions, and how to safely handle orders and prepare food for our guests with specific food sensitives. To further solidify their commitment to providing a safe dining environment for the food allergic community, Glory Days Grill requires all management to maintain certification in AllerTrain and employ an in house certified AllerTrain Master Trainer to enable them to offer additional learning to all team members from the AllerTrain suite of courses.

This recognition follows Glory Days Grill’s award for ‘2017 Best Food Allergy Champion’ by AllerTrain, an ANSI accredited food allergy and gluten-free training course offered by MenuTrinfo.

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