Global Payments Inc., a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services, announced the release of Xenial on Wednesday. Launched by Heartland Commerce, a subsidiary of Global Payments, Xenial is revolutionizing the restaurant industry by bringing to market a first of its kind cloud-based, operating system-agnostic global platform. Leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), Xenial delivers powerful and easy-to-use technology to restaurant operators of any size.

“Xenial extends our technology-enabled, software-driven strategy and advances our position as a leader in providing vertically fluent, best-in-class solutions,” says David Mangum, global payments president and chief operating officer. “An innovative and highly integrated solution, Xenial delivers a unique level of service flexibility that allows our customers to significantly enhance the consumer experience across all channels.”

Xenial touches virtually every point of the restaurant ecosystem, from ordering and menu management to customer engagement, reporting and analytics. The user-friendly Xenial app can be downloaded to Apple, Android and Windows devices, and can be deployed on an unlimited number of devices at a store without a per terminal fee.

“Today’s restaurant operator wants a more dependable, intuitive and modern management platform,” says Christopher Sebes, president of Heartland Commerce. “In a high-tech, self-serve world, the complete platform can be used at many customer points of interaction including counter, drive thru, kiosk, and in app on mobile and tablet. It is quite remarkable how simple Xenial is to install and operate.”

Through Xenial’s cloud architecture, local stores are able to run their computer devices while sharing orders, processing payments, overseeing kitchen management and reporting locally without an in-store IT server. Even if the internet connection goes down, Xenial allows restaurants to operate for up to 30 days without interruption, sharing orders with local devices running the app.

Leveraging the platform’s extensibility, Xenial plans to continuously release additional restaurant value-added feature enhancements throughout 2017 and expand its foundation into retail, liquor and multiple regions across the globe.

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