Glastender introduced its new line of seamless top stations. These stations include a drainboard cabinet, soda gun holder, bottle well, ice bin, and blender station all combined in one seamless top and backsplash.

The new stations boast easy-to-clean work surfaces and ease-of-access. The adjacent components don’t have seams, making cleanup a breeze.

The drain board cabinet has rollout shelves and contains of a perforated drain pan for better air circulation. The soda gun holder is designed to house a 10-button or smaller soda gun and includes readily removable cover for access to soda brix adjustments (soda gun not included). The blender shelf deadens sound while securely, and safely holding the blender and power cord.

The seamless top cocktail station contains the needed bar-equipment in a sleek, space efficient station, perfect for patios and outdoor dining.


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