With newly designed General Foods International recipe merchandising, customers can create delicious new drinks starting with their favorite General Foods International flavor.

Each recipe suggests a unique combination of General Foods International cappuccino and other coffee beverages to create a customized drink, designed to get customers’ attention and boost sales.

Customers are increasingly demanding more variety and customization when it comes to their beverage choices. This is especially true of Millennials. Consumers aged 18-34 are more likely to report that the “ability to customize beverages” is an important attribute when deciding where to purchase a beverage.

Some operators have already noticed this trend for hot beverages. 32 percent of current General Foods International operators report customers mixing cappuccino flavors together and 42 percent say they see customers mix cappuccino drinks with regular coffee. Communicating featured flavors and encouraging drink personalization is an opportunity to excite customers.

General Foods International recipe merchandising is an easy way to bring this element of customization to customers.  Plus, since 51 percent of consumers report that they learn about limited time offers by looking for signs or displays, customers will be on the lookout for new and exciting options.

Six varieties are available, promoting combinations like Snickerdoodle and Pumpkin Creme Pie.

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