Geja’s Café, Chicago, will offer guests the wonderful wines of the Old World during the fondue restaurant’s “Out with the New and in with the Old” Wine Festival. Throughout August and September, Geja’s Café will feature an extended selection of Old World wines available both by the glass and the bottle at low promotional prices.

“While wines from countries newer to the wine industry are wonderful and have their place in the culinary world, many of them fail to showcase the subtleties of the grapes and regions in which the wines are grown,” says Kirby Matthews, Geja’s general manager. “They are instead manipulated into bold and often times overpowering fruit bombs too strong to feature one particular flavor or attribute.”

Old World wines date back hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. Today, they are harvested in the Mediterranean Basin and Europe. Unlike New World wines, Old World wines place an emphasis on tradition and terroir. Many of the vineyards are passed down from generation to generation. The Old World vineyards date back centuries, giving the winegrowers the time to determine which grape varietals grew best in certain regions and which areas of land consistently produced the finest quality wine.

“We felt it was time to dial back and celebrate the true origins of wine and its process,” Matthews says. “We’re talking about wines from France, Italy, Spain, and Greece – the trailblazing countries of their time.”

The featured Old World wine list is as follows:

Whites and Rosés:                                                       

  • Rosé of Agiorgitiko, Gaia, "14-18h", Nemea, Greece
  • Colombard, Montgravet, Cotes de Gascogne, France
  • Trebbiano/Malvasia, Montefiascone, Italy
  • Chardonnay, Novellum, Pays d' Oc, France


  • Beaujolais, Chateau Des Reyssiers, France          
  • Tinta de Toro, Vega Murillo, Spain
  • Barberad'Alba, Quattro Fratelli. Piemonte, Italy
  • Chianti Clasico, Castello di Bossi, Italy


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