GameWorks, Inc., a full entertainment and dining experience for millennials, teens and families with seven locations nationwide, announced the rollout of eSports Lounges in four additional sites, making it the national leader in eSports venues.

To complement the GameWorks locations already operating eSports Lounges, including Las Vegas, Denver and Seattle, effective in the 2019 first quarter, every GameWorks venue will become fully equipped with eSports Lounges. New eSports locations will be operational as follows:

  • Chesapeake, Va. (Norfolk/Virginia Beach) – February 28, 2019
  • Schaumburg, Ill. (Chicago) – March 7, 2019
  • Minneapolis, Minn./Mall of America – March 14, 2019
  • Newport, Ky. (Cincinnati) – March 20, 2019

With its modern, high-tech and high-touch eSports Lounges, GameWorks has created an atmosphere designed to meet the comfort and optimum performance of gamers. Each full-service, premium GameWorks eSports Lounge is equipped with, on average, 20-40 PCs and consoles and an extensive library of approximately 100 of the most popular video games, which is continuously updated. Players can engage in play with one another casually or participate in any of the estimated 200 tournaments held at GameWorks’ locations monthly. The expansion to all seven GameWorks locations is expected to attract players and enthusiasts to the numerous individual local and regional tournaments each venue will host. With Lounges open in every venue, eSports teams, leagues and game publishers can host tournaments in all time zones. Oftentimes, these events are streamed onto live streaming platforms such as Twitch, providing connectivity with many other gamers in real time.

“eSports is rapidly gaining momentum worldwide. As an established leader in competitive gaming and entertainment, GameWorks is well positioned to capitalize on this burgeoning space. Our strong foothold in eSports – now that we’ll have Lounges in every location – further strengthens our leadership position and will serve as a springboard for future growth. We are evolving right alongside this exciting new world of eSports, and by partnering with best-of-breed eSports industry constituents – publishers, players and leagues – we’re bringing players and spectators exactly what they want. We’re completely focused on catering to our guests, and have created engaging, inviting and comfortable spaces, allowing us to further elevate the overall eSports experience at all our stores. The expansion of our eSports Lounges makes GameWorks the preferred destination for eSports gamers and enthusiasts alike,” says Philip N. Kaplan, chief executive officer at GameWorks.

eSports Lounges at GameWorks typically accommodate up to 100 guests, and feature multiple personal play stations and several large couches, providing ample, comfortable seating for gamers and spectators alike. To further enhance game play, guests can order food and drinks from GameWorks’ new Modern American restaurant, The Works Kitchen at GameWorks, which are delivered directly to their seats. The Works Kitchen at GameWorks’ diverse menu includes an upscale food offering that takes a contemporary approach to traditional favorites across a large variety of appetizers, handhelds (specialty burgers and sandwiches), salads and desserts. Opened only since October 2018, The Works Kitchen at GameWorks has already been very well received by guests, and is quickly becoming recognized for its infamous Works Burger and extraordinary, mouth-watering milkshakes, among other specialties.

“With a 20-year track record and solid reputation in the gaming and entertainment space, we’re leveraging our leadership position in competitive play, arcade games, food and entertainment. GameWorks is the only entertainment concept that now offers an entirely integrated entertainment experience, combining the popularity of eSports with the most in-demand arcade and redemption games, exceptional prizes and an eclectic, chef-driven restaurant. It’s truly an exciting and transformative time for our Company and the industry,” Kaplan concludes.

According to IDG Consulting, a specialty research, consulting and data analytics firm focused on gaming and eSports, the global digital gaming industry is expected to increase 17 percent year-over-year and reach $138 billion in 2018. IDG expects the market to grow at a five-year compounded annual growth of eight percent and hit $177 billion by 2022.

Yoshio Osaki, president and chief executive officer of IDG Consulting, added: “GameWorks’ national eSports platform further extends the Company’s ability to capitalize on the booming eSports industry and affords it many opportunities for leading the way in this marketplace. With a national footprint and the capabilities to continue to expand, no other entity has the breadth and depth that GameWorks has within its Lounges and across its national eSports platform. GameWorks combines unparalleled industry experience, massive space and state-of-the-art technology, all key components necessary for leading the way in terms of hosting tournaments and special events of any size and becoming the go-to entertainment space that can continue to meet the evolving needs of gamers.”

GameWorks eSports Lounges can be rented privately for events, such as local tournaments and birthday parties, as well as youth group or school overnight lock-ins, just to name a few.

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