FWE offers so many cook and hold equipment options that are designed for small spaces. Ideal for point-of-purchase and on-the-go, their smaller, efficient Cook & Hold Ovens and Heated Holding Cabinets are sturdy and mobile, making them perfect for convenience stores, catering operations and restaurants.

The PHTT-1220-8 Clymate IQ Humidified Heated Holding Cabinet is a mid-sized unit that keeps set point values within a tight range throughout the day and makes recovery to set temperatures extremely fast. Within 30 minutes, the intuitive climate control technology reaches set humidity and temperature points. The PHTT-1220-8 Clymate IQ features a smaller, portable design that can be located almost anywhere for safe and easy access. Like all FWE cabinet and oven solutions, heavy-duty all stainless steel construction stands up to the most demanding environments.

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